Interaction Lab - Equipment reservation system

With our reservation system you can easily view when certain equipment is available and you can directly make a request to reserve certain equipment for your project. We use the "Booqable" platform, which offers a webshop-style user interface for browsing and searching equipment.

All reservation requests should be done through the new system:

  1. Select a preferred pickup and return date to specify the duration of your reservation
  2. Search available equipment or browse through categories
  3. Click on a product image or title to view details. From there, you can easily check availability on specific dates
  4. Press the button "Add to reservation" to add the item
  5. Continue browsing and adding equipment as needed
  6. Open the "Shopping cart" in the top right corner to continue to checkout

Completing your reservation request:

  1. You may create a personal account or continue as Guest
  2. Fill the required details (please use your @utwente email address)
  3. Please use the remarks field if you have questions or remarks about this reservation (e.g. if you want a specific piece of equipment 'HMI-xyz')
  4. We will review your request (we aim to do this within one working day)
  5. Depending on our presence in the lab we will negotiate a specific pickup and return time

Go to the reservation system

What if the equipment is not on the list?

The reservation system contains our most used equipment. Send us an e-mail if you have trouble finding something.

Perhaps the DesignLab, SmartXP, or BMSLab has the equipment that you are looking for. If not, contact your supervisor and Daniel Davison to discuss other options.

How long can I reserve equipment?

Since we are sharing this equipment with each other, please don’t reserve it longer than you need. We aim for a maximum of 1~2 weeks at a time, but are flexible in this. Depending on your circumstances you may need more, discuss this with your supervisor and with Daniel.

How can I reserve the physical lab space?

For your day-to-day activities you can work in the lab without reservation (during COVID: max 5 people). In some cases the lab may be reserved exclusively, for example while running user studies, project meetings, demo's, etc. The lab space is not managed through Booqable, but through the University's regular meeting room reservation system built in to Outlook 365. Check out our instructions for viewing the calendar and making your own reservation.


Please let us know any feedback, remarks, suggestions or if you encounter problems with the new system